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Slug Catcher Product Line

Harp/Finger, Hybrid, and Multi-Vessel

Holloman is a one stop shop for harp (finger), hybrid, and vessel slug catchers. We pride ourselves on providing the lowest total installed cost (TIC) for slug catcher installations.


Holloman Harp/Finger Slug Catcher, Typical Holdup of 500 to 5500 BBL, 200’ to 450’ Length Required
Holloman Hybrid Slug Catcher, Typical Holdup of 250 to 1500 BBL, 100’ to 150’ Length Required
Holloman Multi-Vessel Slug Catcher, Typical Holdup of 50 to 500 BBL, 25’ to 100’ Length Required
Multi-Vessel Slug Catcher CFD Validation
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher CFD Simulation, Gas Velocity Vectors
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher CFD Simulation, Liquid Interface
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher CFD Simulation, Counter-Current Flow
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher CFD Simulation, Velocity Dynamics in Fingers
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher CFD Simulation, Gas Velocity Directions During Slugging
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher CFD Simulation, End View During Filling
Harp Slug Catcher CFD - Separation/Filling Simulation Video
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Under Construction
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Liquid Manifold Lifted into Plate
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Construction Phase
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Construction Equipment
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Construction Nearing Completion
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Level Bridle
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Spools Being Fabricated
Harp/Finger Slug Catcher Header Fabrication

Our Industry Leading Designs Offer a Number of Advantages


Holloman's standard harp design keeps constructability as a central focus, achieving the lowest installed cost possible. With deep construction experience in building harp slug catchers—we know that construction costs can often exceed the initial purchase price of other competitor’s “go build it yourself” designs. By utilizing shop prefabrication to create shippable modular sections, excessive field welding and other areas of costly field construction are eliminated.

Cost and Lead Time

Holloman's standard harp design utilizes readily available high yield pipe and fittings in a sophisticated design arrangement to keep the purchase price and lead time to a minimum. This is accomplished without use of extrusions or contoured outlet fittings, which are necessary for many of our competitors more complicated designs.


Holloman's standard harp designs are compact and make efficient use of space.  Generally speaking, the longer the harp the better and our standard harp offering achieves the greatest economy per BBL at 300-450 ft in length.


Holloman's standard harp designs can be configured in a variety of ways using modular sections. The standard harp design’s window of performance covers gas flows of 50 MMSCFD to 1 BSCFD and liquid storage from 500 BBL to 13,500 BBL. Larger designs can be custom engineered.

Holloman completes 1000 BBL harp/finger slug catcher installation in the Permian Basin.

Holloman completes 1000 BBL harp/finger slug catcher installation in the Permian Basin. Six finger design with 1440 PSIG rating utilizing modular flanged manifolds with field-welded fingers. Learn more about how Holloman can reduce the total installed cost and lead-times for slug catchers.


The separation performance of slug catchers is tested, proven and has received excellent client feedback regarding its ease of operation. By utilizing a proprietary analytical software model in conjunction with a rigorous CFD analysis validation, we can ensure each new design is operating at its optimal performance point.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Holloman utilizes ANSYS FLUENT CFD software to perform hyper-realistic multiphase fluid simulation on every slug catcher design. CFD consulting services are also available for re-rating or troubleshooting existing slug catchers or separators.

Turn-Key Capability and Additional Services

In addition to deep expertise in harp slug catchers, Holloman can also provide general Engineering, Design, Construction, or EPC services for slug catchers or other areas of oil and gas pipelines/facilities scope.

Trim Packages

Holloman offers standard instrumentation/safety valve packages for all types of slug catchers. PSV sizing documentation is OSHA PSM compliant.

Vessel / Hybrid Slug Catchers

Holloman can offer vessel or hybrid (vessel-harp) slug catchers to meet lower liquid storage requirements or compact footprint requirements. Vessel or hybrid slug catchers are designed and engineered with the same rigorous methods as harp slug catchers, and can be pre-engineered for future expansion. Vessel and Hybrid slug catchers can be fitted with separation internals like vane inlets, wave breaker baffles, and mist eliminators.


Holloman's standard harp designs allow for future expansion that goes far beyond providing “tie in flanges” without any real plan for expansion.  Pre-engineered expansion provisions can be made specifically for adding additional gas flow sections, liquid holdup sections, or both.  The standard harp design can be expanded from the smallest size to the largest size by a gradual buildout of the same modular sections.