Renewable Hydrogen (H2) is a rapidly growing industry.  Using electrolyzing equipment, H2 can be generated using only electricity and water.  H2 generated from intermittent power sources (like solar and wind) can be efficiently stored in a compressed state for later utilization.  When burned, hydrogen releases only water vapor, making its emissions carbon-free.  Potential uses of stored H2 include electrical grid peak shaving, fuel for H2 powered vehicles, production of conventional and synthetic fuels, green ammonia production, blending with natural gas, and as a feedstock for other chemical/refining needs.

Holloman offers Utility-Scale (1 GWh+) H2 storage solutions using large diameter pipe segments which are manifolded together in a “pipe-storage” type arrangement.  The use of pipe segments to store large volumes of H2 is a proven technology that has advantages when compared to other H2 storage solutions like geological salt caverns or pressurized spheres.  Holloman relies on its decades of experience in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction to offer turn-key H2 storage solutions.  Some unique features of Holloman’s H2 pipe-storage include:

  • Single-site holdup of up to 3 GWh of H2 (190,000 LB or 87,000 KG) @ 300 bar.
  • Dual-rating capability for storing H2 (ASME B31.12) and Natural Gas (ASME B31.8).
  • Pressure rating up to 4350 PSI (300 bar).
  • Buried or above-ground configurations available.
  • Field construction integration with latest gasless orbital welding methods.