Holloman was built on the basis that we want to be the best in our business. Each and every one of us has a vested interest in being the safest company we can be. We want to provide our clients with the most value for their dollar. In many cases we are the “go-to” contractor. Our safety record, on-time scheduling and quality of work does that for us.

In our industry, the standard safety initiative is, “All accidents are preventable.” With each project we have a renewed focus on preventing every unsafe incident. Safety requires that we all work together and constantly focus on our goals. This process involves everyone in our company.

The Holloman safety staff is comprised of professionals who have over 30 years of safety and health field-support and management experience. Safety personnel are instrumental in the development of site-specific safety plans for all projects which outline safety hazards and provide safe work procedures for everyone. Team members remain current with governmental regulatory laws and establish policy and procedures in adherence to all regulations. Holloman employees focus on specific problems and behavior to eliminate incidents; identify unsafe acts and stop them immediately; determine all potential hazards and remove them; utilize the “Stop Work Authority”; promote a positive safety culture within each project location; and attend on-going training programs, form safety mentoring systems and conduct performance audits.

In keeping with Holloman Corporation core values and intrinsic safety culture, the health and safety of employees is paramount in the conduct of our business. We are committed to protection of the environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers, sub-contractors, and the public. Any risks that are presented within the operations of our business are addressed to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Health and safety are never compromised for a rush in production. Our goal is to finish each day injury and incident free.