“Our vision is to be a company that serves and benefits our customers, our employees, our partners and the communities in which we work.”

Corporate Officers

President / CEO

Collin Young

Collin developed a passion for construction management at a young age as his closest mentors were leaders in the oil and gas industry.  His first role with the Holloman team began in the Field- Operations Division during summer breaks while he attended college where he there acquired a Bachelor of Construction Science degree. His experience and working knowledge offers a diverse familiarity with every aspect of the business.  Completion of various roles in the field and continuous contributions has afforded Collin to leadership positions within the company.  

Collin continues to accommodate the growing need and development of new construction areas as the company expands.  Collin is President/CEO overseeing pipeline and facility construction, civil operations, engineering services, procurement, project management, and tank services which include employees across the United States. 


Keith Broussard

Keith began his career in public accounting as an auditor and has worked in various industry accounting leadership roles for over 17 years.  He has a Bachelors Business Administration – Accounting degree, and a Master of Science – Accounting degree. He is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant and he has worked for Holloman since 2012. Keith has Professional Affiliations with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA).   Keith is currently serving in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer.

Senior Vice President

Eric Prim

Eric has been working for Holloman since 1997 and he has held various positions in Engineering, Construction Management and Executive Management.  Prior to joining Holloman, Eric managed a 400 MTA ethylene facility in Odessa Texas and currently, he is the Senior Vice President of Holloman Corporation and President of Pilot Energy Solutions.  Eric received a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering and later received a Master of Business Administration.   He has earned 26 US and international patents associated with natural gas and CO2 processing. 

Executive Directors

Director of Operations

Matthew Fitzen

Director, Pipeline Operations

Shannon Driver

Shannon has worked for Holloman for over 27 years and he has extensive experience in the construction of pipeline for crude oil, natural gas, NGL, refined products, water and waste-water.  He has worked with and led construction crews in marshland, mountains, densely timbered, uninhabited regions or high-impact urban areas and he is accustomed to working with various materials such as PVC-Poly, steel, duct-tile iron, concrete, Concrete-steel coated (CSC) pipe.  Shannon is the Director of Pipeline Operations and he is responsible for day-to-day operations and all phases of multimillion dollar construction of pipeline.

Director, Facility Operations

Jeff Munn

Jeff has 40 years of experience in heavy industrial plant construction.  The first half of his career was mainly in the downstream sector (refining / petro-chemical) as a superintendent or project manager in the large capital EPC type projects.  Jeff joined Holloman Corporation in 2001 as Plant Construction Manager and currently as Director of Facility Operations, he is responsible for all facility / plant construction.

Director, Engineering Services

Cliff Bowden

Cliff Bowden, P.E., P.M.P. is a multi-discipline engineer with direct experience in civil, structural, mechanical, process, and electrical engineering with licensing in multiple states.  Cliff’s current role and previous experiences are greatly responsible for his diverse development as an Engineer, Project Manager, and Division Director. 

Director, Safety Operations

Nick Tarquinio

Nick has worked in an HSE role since 2010 and is an active member of the American Society of Safety Professionals. He holds multiple degrees which include a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and a MS in Safety Management. Nick originally joined the Holloman team in 2014 as a Project Safety Coordinator and later worked in the capacity of a Safety Supervisor.  Today, as HSE Director, Nick leads our team of safety professionals that work alongside various production crews to ensure all projects are completed safely and accurately. Thus keeping our commitment to protecting the health, safety, and environment of our employees, customers, sub-contractors, and the general public.  

Director, Accounting and Benefits

Gwen McKay Rushing

Gwen has worked in an accounting role for over 40 years in various industries.  When she joined Holloman in 1999, Gwen worked in the AR/PR Department and through the years she has taken on a leadership role where she has been instrumental in the implementation of accounting software and refinement of internal accounting practices.  While working at Holloman, Gwen earned a Bachelors Business Administration-Management degree and she currently serves as the Accounting and Benefits Director.


Mark Ogg

Mark Ogg

Division Manager (Wyoming)
Dean Burns

Dean Burns

Division Manager (West Texas/ South Texas)
Marlon Curtis

Marlon Curtis

Division Manger (Pennsylvania)
JR Faulkner

JR Faulkner

Construction Manager – Pipeline
Jared Harris

Jared Harris

Construction Manager – Facilities
Edmund Duban

Edmund Duban

Manager of Engineered Products and QA/QC Manager

Business Development

Doug Ashley

Doug Ashley

Business Development Manager (Houston)
Jon Austin

Jon Austin

Business Development (Pennsylvania)






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