Originating in Odessa, Texas, Holloman was founded in 1960 as a construction company. The company began as a provider of general oilfield contract labor and equipment services to major oil and gas companies (such as Gulf Oil, Phillips Petroleum, Texaco, Amoco, and Getty Oil) located in the Permian Basin. The majority of work centered on water-flood, oil production facilities, injection lines, injection stations, gas gathering pipelines, well hook-up, battery construction and gas transmission lines.

In 1984, CO2 injection became a main influence in construction work in West Texas. The company worked in the first CO2 injected fields for Shell Oil Company, Amerada Hess, Texaco, and Chevron. This work expanded to other companies in the late 80’s as new government regulations required transmission pipeline companies to repair old pipelines.

The late 90’s produced an extreme downturn in the energy business, and Holloman was again forced to look outside of the energy sector to find construction work. In 1998 Holloman diversified and expanded the company’s scope of work with municipal water and sewer utility projects throughout Texas. That operation was quickly successful in large urban areas and the result of this expansion provided Holloman with the combined knowledge to offer energy-related pipeline construction in high-consequence areas. The first urban energy project performed by Holloman was the Longhorn Pipeline across Austin, Texas. Thereafter, Holloman performed many other similar projects throughout the country.

In 2002 the company formed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and purchased the company from Sam Holloman. The company became Holloman Corporation and 100% employee owned. Several acquisitions followed. In 2003, Holloman purchased TW Cook Engineering and consolidated with Holloman’s own engineering division which was originally formed in 1992. Holloman Engineering LLC was created and shortly thereafter in 2004, the acquisition of L&P Pipeline and Construction of Ganado, Texas followed. This has provided the company a footprint into the South Texas oilfield construction market. L&P operates as a wholly-owned Holloman subsidiary that provides construction services for oil and gas facilities and pipelines in South and Southeast Texas.

The company’s success in high consequence and urban areas promoted our expansion into the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2003. The expansion was initially involved in municipal projects but transformed into Shale gas technology. Holloman became one of the major providers of construction services in the Barnett Shale. Building on its experience and relationships in the Barnett Shale, Holloman has expanded its presence into Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Utica and Marcellus Shale Plays as well as the Permian Basin.

In 2007 Holloman moved its headquarters to Houston, Texas and today the company maintains area construction offices in Odessa, Dallas-Fort Worth, Ganado, Pearsall, Shreveport, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Myanmar, Singapore and Papua New Guinea.