Project Development

Holloman recognizes the importance of achieving an on-time and on-budget project and we appreciate opportunities to work on projects in many different parts of the world.

Front-end project development and analysis, project scope definition, budget development, cost control and scheduling, and project coordination are among our areas of expertise.

Holloman project managers are well-versed and familiar with the entire spectrum of the project cycle. We intently work to achieve excellence for our clients. Project managers work on location with each client beginning in the planning phase to determine needs, logistical and regulatory requirements, maintenance and necessary staffing.  We review pertinent criteria and place utmost importance on the delivery of accurate data. A team is available during construction to provide support on all facets of the project package. Our skilled team-members review and report activity day-to-day, and when necessary, minute-by-minute.

Holloman applies value engineering methods and constructability reviews as a prerequisite to the detail design and installation requirements of each project.  Execution of the entire project is based on utilizing a dedicated “Task Force” approach which is made up of engineering and construction professionals.  The Task Force executes each project in accordance with customer requirements, utilizing Holloman’s proven systems, philosophy, and procedures to complete the project development, design, and procurement for engineered equipment, bulk materials, field installation, right-of-way, and subcontracts.


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